Wild Weddings

Weddings have become way too boring. We need to spice it up and kick it up a notch. Certainly an unconventional wedding is not for most people, but if you are reading this article the chances are you are not the ordinary type. Pragmatism and adventure have nothing in common.

If you want your wedding to embody your true personality and you are not the conformist type, than a wild wedding is just for you. More than likely if you are the adventurous type, shock and awe is important to you. Therefore you want your family and friends to have an unconventional and unforgettable experience when you get married.

Florida, where I live, is a fantastic place to break the mold and do something different. Here are some fun, alternative ideas for a wild wedding.

  1. Get married in a skydiving plane just before you jump.
  2. Tie the knot on a remote island.
  3. Marry your beloved in a foreign country with a diverse culture.
  4. Get married at sea on a cruise.
  5. Go on a safari and get married in the bush.
  6. Get married on a jet airplane.
  7. Get married at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I am sure you can think of some more exciting ideas for your wedding.

Whatever your idea is, it is all very doable. It is wonderful when couples are creative and break the mold. Uniqueness is a cause for celebration. Don’t ever fear being yourselves. Others will be glad you did.

Tailor make and customize your wedding to your personality needs and preferences. I as a wedding minister am willing to go anywhere and do anything to accommodate the couples for whom I officiate.

Wild weddings are perfectly permissible and memorable. Be bold and tie the knot in style.

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