“Paul – You have always been a phenomenal inspiration, not only as a man of God, and not only as a person who overflows with wisdom, but as a thrill-seeker for adventure as you move through this world. Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our day.”

Chris & Angela Rolly

“If you want a memorable wedding ceremony we highly recommend Paul Davis. Paul took the time to make our ceremony personal and inviting for us, our family, and friends. Paul went above and beyond any expectations we had to ensure that every detail of our wedding was as we desired. We could not have dreamed or asked for a more memorable wedding. Paul is professional yet personable and fun.”

Bill & Wanda James


“Paul is the greatest person to be with. His great creativity, personality, and adventurous lifestyle make you want to be close to him at all times. Apart from making you laugh, Paul helps you improve your life. Being with Paul will always make your life better and move it in a positive direction.”

(Asia Kwiat, Poland)


I recently saw Paul speak on the 12 pillars of integrity at a meeting of executives titled ‘The Ethical Edge’. In 30 minutes Paul covered a topic that every executive, manager, employee, and person should hear. His style of presentation was very engaging and the message was just so spot on. The business place and world would be a better place if we all could model his simple, but powerful, message.

(Brian W. – Newport Beach, California, USA)


“Paul, you are a gifted communicator and have an amazing way with words.”

(Lisa, North Island, New Zealand)


“I feel like the Lord Himself has cut me up to pieces and put me back together again. I feel like a new man. I’m different. Missionaries have been here for 30 years but nobody has brought a message like yours.”

Pastor Philip Torboe, Vanuatu, South Pacific


Every one is saying that the leaders conference, “IT WAS A REVELATION AFTER REVELATION, POWERFUL!!!” We appreciate your coming. We were blessed so much!

Bishop AmisiUwezo (Congo, Africa)


“I feel as if my feet are not on the ground because of what I have obtained from you!”

(Bishop Peter AyumaChoti, Kenya, Africa)


“By giving me hope for the future, I feel like nothing is impossible! You’re awesome.”

(Tiffany Narvaez, Orlando, Florida, USA)


“Before meeting Paul, I did not have a definite plan for the future, but now, I feel stronger, a refreshing, a rebirth! Paul energized me and made me believe I can move mountains!”

(PiotrRembarz, Warsaw, Poland)


“Paul is very thought-provoking, well-spoken, and very relatable.”

(Sabarri Hague, Fordham College at Lincoln Center


“Yo, Paul! I love you! You’re the greatest thing that happened to us!”

(Jack Li, Bread of Life Church youth group – Oviedo, Florida, USA)


“Paul, you’ve brought so much changes for the good of my life.”

(Richard Wang, Oviedo, Florida, USA)


“I forgave people that hurt me, but built up walls so they would not hurt me again. Tonight those walls came down!”

(Barbara Rampalla, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)


“If one in a thousand had your energy, we would have Utopia. You are one in a million.

(” (Herb)


“You are a great guy! There is something about you that is so uniquely refreshing and amazing.”

(Rick West)


“I was impressed with the wedding ceremony you performed.”

(Lt. Carl Metzger, former Orlando narcotics commander)


“I am greatly refreshed by you!”

(Livinus Simon)


“We love you! You changed our lives!”

(Joanne Hwang, Oviedo, Florida, USA)


‘Your love has no boundaries and your willingness to sacrifice yourself is commendable.’

(Lloyd May, Staten Island, NY)


“Mr. Davis knows how to get the audience involved, even one consisting of young children, who otherwise may be considered to have a short attention span. I benefited from reading his book’s advice, and can only imagine the impact that meeting him in person would have. Truly, he has the capability of being life-changing. Also, his work is full-time. The devotion to his craft that he has is evident by his time spent working at it. For him to travel to so many countries, doing such wonderful work, it is just more impetus to believe that he is determined to perform his work at the highest level possible.”

(Lauren Donawa (Maryland, USA)


“Your poem was funny and helped me relax. I’m trying never to be a bridezilla again.”

(Julia, Washington DC)


“You captured so many of my feelings and helped me relax.”

(Customer Service Manager writing anonymously)


Paul, I just happened to think about you today and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your informative and insightful posts. Through them, you have encouraged me on several occasions to skip fast food in favor of the health food store around the corner. Thank you for being a great next door neighbor in NYC and for continuing to be a wonderful friend and an inspiration through your comments on facebook and twitter. I hope you and your lovely wife have a wonderful day. Take care and God bless you, Paul.

Jess M.


Paul has an incredibly optimistic outlook, is positive and inspirational. In particular this is suprising given some of the hardships he has had to endure and this alone speaks millions of words in itself in that when someone has had such a difficult time to turn things around for good means that they have an amazing outlook and view on life in that many people in this world who have everything on a silver platter still complain and carry on that they don’t have enough, Yet if only they would open their eyes to see that there are many people worse off. There is so much that Paul has written and included on his various websites that even after a few hours of reading and searching I’d barely looked at a drop in the ocean in that these websites must have taken years to create and there is a mammoth amount of work included so well done and congratulations on being such an inspiration to so many people worldwide. I will keep these websites bookmarked and when people try to smother my ideas and values I will look at these and realise it is worth plodding on as there are people who will always criticise and make you feel worthless but in fact some people do value small things in life which is good to know.

Deborah H.


Without hesistation, Paul forwarded me two powerful books that he wrote – “Updating Your Identity and Breakthrough for a Broken Heart” which I read in record time for me personally. Paul’s investment in me although I’ve done nothing more than email him a time or two has really encouraged me and given me even more hope for the existence of genuine and authentic people that care for others in this world. I consider Paul a friend and brother in Christ and I am thankful that he is allowing God to use him in such a powerful and constructive way. God bless you Paul.

Robert S.


We’ve not known Paul too long, but we enjoy talking to him and hearing his opinion. We just finished reading God Vs Religion, which is a very interesting philosophy and gives great oportunity for debate and regarding matters, which others dare not approach for fear of causing offense or further confusion.

MissNEvansetal E.


..Paul change my life, he is a gifted man, I am glad and blessed that I meet and know him. His knoweldege is amazing and he is a great person.. Gracias Paul

Ismael B.


If you have ever read or heard of one of the most infuential characters in the bible, Paul the Apostle both dedicated his life to changing the known world and would be the first person to get his hands dirty to share his wisdom to 1 person or 5,000. I’ve known Paul for 20+ years and he has the greatest capacity and intellect to devour information from more than books. He could care less about theories which he can easily understand, he just cares about getting results in his personal life that work. He has spent a lifetime learning from and practicing from the top movers and shakers in many areas. He does work hard but also smarter to apply his methods that are always cutting edge and proven to help others reach their greatness. Paul is definitely someone you want to learn from and have in your corner. He’s helped me so many times to realize so many blind spots in both my company and personal life. If You or your company are finally ready to get serious about creating a better life or company then your search is over. Paul will give you so much more than just a temporary motivational speech with meaningless words.You’ll soon realize that he will spend as much time as it takes to asking very specific questions that he can analyze. Once you or your company have listed out every problem you believe is holding you back from reaching your goals he can’t help you. Until he understands what your daily life or business goal(s) and problems you’ve been unable to overcome and why do you think you or you’re company are unable to move forward to reach your goal(s) again he won’t be able to make a powerful impact in your life and company. Depending on how complicated your life or company is will depend on you being completely honest with him, budgets and goals for each dept and P&L sheets for previous years and especially your marketing budget and the specifics to how those funds are being used. This process alone will help you realize the many why’s your life or company is like a ship in the ocean going in circles with no destination. This is where Paul excels and when you hire him after his first day of evaluation personally or corporately he will prepare a plan ot template of all the real problems on one side and on the otherside with at least 1 remedy without details and also his proposal and rough estimate of how long it will take and during that time to lead your company your company and a letter or memo giving Paul access to every department for the companies own good! Whether personally or commercially you will love him as you remain flexible to allow him to make daily or weekly meetings without arguements that are based out of fear or possibly moving personell. You have such a great mentor holding your hand when neccesarry, but you will be glad and realize you’ve made the best life changing or the best business choice. Grow your life or grow your business. Call him now if you are commited to reaching your goals now!

Scott R.


I think that the best way to describe Paul Davis is interesting, curious, thoughtful, and open minded. He is always sweet and looking to be a shoulder to cry on if its ever needed. I appreciate his genuine interest in making people feel better and I think its an attribute that one in a million people possess. Thanks Paul

Sara B.