Wedding Minister, Bringing People Together

As a wedding minister bringing people together in holy matrimony is one of the most rewarding things I could ever do. When two people willfully decide to commit their ongoing love one to another, it establishes a deep covenantal and unbreakable bond.

Marriage provides the perfect context to grow individually and together. As you give and receive unconditional love, you become increasingly secure and strong as a person. Trust and transparency grow over time as you celebrate the joys and share life’s sorrows together.

Recently I officiated a wedding in Central Florida for a Japanese bride and an American groom who met at Walt Disney World. They first laid eyes on one another at It’s a Small World, the unforgettable ride that separates the cultural divide. This magical moment led to them taking a journey together on Peter Pan’s flight.

Truly the world is all interconnected and interrelated. This couple’s love for one another attests to that and further joins East and West together in perfect harmony. The groom popped the question to his bride-to-be on the 4th of July, a surprise engagement with fireworks and people celebrating. It was a small taste of what their lives will be together forever.

Such is what matrimony is all about. The coming together of two vastly unique individuals to become one is magical and wonderful. I as a wedding minister could have no greater pleasure or honor than to seal the deal, tie the knot, and wholeheartedly celebrate the love two have got.

Love is the true meaning and essence of life.

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