What wedding ceremony services do you provide?

I am a wedding minister that officiates weddings ceremonies. As a world traveler who has been all over the United States and touched 90 nations, I enjoy exploring new places and officiating weddings in unique places. The Creator of the heavens and earth is not bound to a church building. I accommodate you and your wedding ceremony venue choice (mountains, beach, resort, attraction, home, church, on the lake, etc.).


Wedding Minister Qualifications and Experience:

Paul has been ministering for over 30 years. Paul is a worldwide minister, inspirational speaker, wellness trainer, scholar who has earned 4 Master degrees with honors, graduated from Bible College, the School of the Prophets, Benny Hinn Institute and received ministry himself from some of the most respected ministers in the world. Paul is also the author of more than 90 books. 


Most importantly, Paul is personal, genuine, heartfelt, sincere, transparent, communicative, fun, patient, sensitive, culturally aware, knowledgeable, wise, and experienced.


Paul takes great care to attend to each couple and personalizes every ceremony. Paul’s Questions & Answer page is designed to get to know you and incorporate your relational history into his comments within the wedding ceremony. Many who attend the wedding ceremonies Paul officiates assume he has known the couple for years because he mentions details about their relationship few pastors, priests and wedding officiants ever mention (as most ministers merely focus on religious formalities rather than the unique relationship between the couple). 







How do I “save the date” and secure you as my minister?

To “save the date” and secure Paul as your wedding ceremony minister, notify Paul as soon as you decide on a date. After Paul hears from you, he will check his calendar for availability and if he is able to serve you, Paul will send you a wedding questionnaire to complete to help him prepare your ceremony. 


To show good faith on your part when booking Paul and saving the date on his calendar, 50% of the wedding fee should be paid up front to secure Paul to officiate your wedding ceremony. That fee will be non-refundable since by saving the date, Paul relinquishes other speaking opportunities elsewhere around the world paying $5,000 an hour and beyond. 



Paul will work with and follow your lead as your wedding ceremony officiant in regard to your ceremony preferences and chronological ordering of when everything happens. Many choose to have their wedding planner work with Paul to prepare sufficiently before the wedding ceremony. Reserve the minister first, after which other services can be secured and confirmed later.


  1. Decide upon your ideal date to get married.
  2. Decide upon your favorite wedding location.
  3. Contact Paul to verify availability.
  4. Make a formal reservation to save the date with 50% earnest payment.
  5. Send the remaining 50% balance payment four weeks before the wedding (so you can rejoice and enjoy your wedding day and honeymoon thereafter).

Do you perform vow renewals, baptisms, funerals, commitment ceremonies, birthdays, breakthroughs, and other special events?


Pastor Paul is a creative, flexible, and fun minister who enjoys doing all of the above. Paul is a worldwide minister and inspiring prophetic orator able to create tailor made ceremonies to bless people in whatever life season they may be celebrating.



Do you perform same sex commitment ceremonies?

No we do not. 



Which locations do you service?

Paul provides worldwide ministerial services, but does charge a fee to cover traveling expenses based on location and time involved to officiate. Couples and celebrities may opt to have Paul stay with them for several days at an additional charge depending upon services desirable.


Marriage license issues and items of concern.

A marriage license is mandatory to get married in most states and nations. Please inform Paul regarding the legalities of your state and nation to ensure all is fully prepared for adequately and in good order. Paul will sign your license, which you must obtain from a county courthouse clerk and bring to the ceremony.


Consult your local government and marital court authority for guidance. Consult your attorney for more complex legal questions.



Who performs the Wedding Ceremony?

The majority of the ceremonies will be performed by Paul himself. However since he is a highly sought after speaker, minister, life coach, and author it is good to book him well in advance. Paul does work with a few associate ministers, who sometimes he recommends to serve in his absence whenever possible.



How long does the wedding ceremony take?

It all depends on you. Most ceremonies Paul officiates last about 30 to 45 minutes, but can be as short as 15 minutes together (depending on the wishes of the couple) or can be as long as 1 hour if you prefer.



Is a Rehearsal Included?

You may request a rehearsal for an additional fee. Please book this well in advance to secure your desirable date.



What happens if it rains or the weather is poor?

We’ve been very blessed in the past few years and have rarely had to use an alternate location due to rain. However it is the couple’s responsibility to arrange a back-up location within 5 miles from the ceremony location in case of inclement weather so that we can proceed with our services as scheduled. We suggest you reserve a function room at your resort, hotel, restaurant, or reception place where we can perform our services.



Can I customize the wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! You may personally customize your ceremony by writing/reading/reciting your own vows. Paul will also happily personalize any additional aspects of the ceremony with you. Though we have never had to do so yet–we reserve the right to refuse to use certain ceremonies, readings, and prayers if the minister does not feel comfortable with the appropriateness of its content. Paul enjoys unconventional and creative ceremonies, as he is a flexible and fun person. However, Paul is a Christian minister who follows and adheres to the spiritual beliefs and moral guidelines within the Bible.



What is the cost to get married during a holiday?

It depends what the holiday is and Paul’s schedule. Commonly wedding packages and services cost double during major holidays. Consider how valuable your time with family is during the holidays.



Wedding tips for brides:

Your wedding is the beginning of your marriage and should be a celebration. What shall be most remembered is the expression on your faces. The love in your hearts and tenderness you show one another is more important than all of the wedding details. Brides should not allow themselves to be consumed with the wedding as it is an event that only lasts for a few hours.


Preparation, organization, and attention to detail makes a good wedding great. However when anyone excessively frets about every minute detail of the wedding, this can hinder the experience and dampen the joyous atmosphere before, during, and after the wedding. Therefore go into your wedding happy and predetermine not to let little things get you down.


Outdoor weddings require flexibility and a willingness to endure the elements, while capturing the beauty of creation. Paul is a surfer and knows well that beaches come with sand, salt and sunshine. To some that also means itchy, sticky, and sunburned skin. That being said, if you plan on having an outdoor wedding, be prepared to joyfully endure the elements and deal with the difficulties that accompany the blessings of the great outdoors.


For this reason traditional weddings are preferred by those who don’t desire to endure the elements of the outdoors. Most importantly, whatever venue you choose, be carefree and happy as stress will diminish the joy of the best weddings.

If you still desire an outdoor wedding, to reduce stress and get the best pictures consider the following:

  • Recruit your family and friends to help you with the details of the wedding so you can enjoy your ceremony without undue stress.
  • Have family and friends take a lot of photos (in case the wedding photographer has any problems doing so). 
  • When outdoors, drink plenty of water to avoid being dehydrated. The sun and humidity can make you sweat a lot. Replenish your liquids to maintain your bodily strength.
  • Forego wearing high heels that sink into the sand, get stuck in boardwalks, and make it difficult to get in and out of boats. Go barefoot or find some fun flip-flops or flat shoes to wear. Dress appropriately for the outdoors, unless you want your groom carrying you.
  • Be prepared to get sand and water on your clothes. Tuxedos and wedding dresses do get sand and water on them when doing weddings outdoors. To ensure the best pictures, be happy and relaxed through it all. If sand and water will stress you out or ruin your wardrobe, than select your dress and tuxedos accordingly considering the outdoor elements.
  • The beach and great outdoors can sometimes be windy. Wear your hair in such a way so you don’t have to be pulling it out of your face all day. If necessary, use lots of hair spray to get the best photos and be comfortable.