Saying good-bye to a loved one is never easy.  Paul understands wholeheartedly what it feels like.  Paul cared for his maternal grandparents (who raised him during his youth) in their old age and spoke at both of their funerals.  When Paul’s father died of Alzheimers, Paul spoke at his dad’s funeral mentioning his many memories with great appreciation to honor and celebrate his father’s life. 


Grieving the loss of a loved one is a matter very close to Paul’s heart.  Paul wants to comfort you in every way possible, celebrate the life of the deceased, and prepare your family for eternity. 


If you are now faced with a decision to create a farewell ceremony for a loved one, let Paul assist you in planning the funeral ceremony.  Paul can help you to create a farewell service that reflects the feelings and beliefs of your family concerning your lost loved one. Paul is a licensed English Teacher and the author of 90 nonfiction books, including 20 fully illustrated books for children and a few poetry books. When Paul’s mother was killed by an 18 year-old drunk driver, Paul’s grandfather asked him to choose three words to write on his mother’s tombstone. After some heartfelt reflection, Paul selected the perfect words. 


With the help of your family and friends, Paul will carefully script a tribute of the character and life of your dearly departed.  This tribute will be a celebration of his/her life and your emotions towards your loved one.  Each funeral ceremony is unique to capture the very essence of his/her lasting spirit.


Saying farewell to the flesh is just the beginning of saying goodbye.  Paul can construct a personalized and customized service in a nondenominational, interfaith, and heartfelt fashion that will warm hearts, comfort the grieving, and prepare all for eternity.


Paul is a funeral minister and funeral officiant who cares about what you are going through.  His ministry will adequately acknowledge and celebrate the life of the deceased, while simultaneously assisting the family to heal from their loss.