Experience an Unforgettable
Wonderful Wedding
Created for the Couple
With a Personal Touch
Incorporating Your Story
Into the Ceremony
Your Wedding – Your Way
Anywhere You Want
However You Want


PAUL F. DAVIS is a Worldwide Minister who has touched 90 nations, lived overseas extensively (Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe), is culturally sensitive, free and fun. Paul has officiated weddings on the beach, on lakefront, at Medieval Times horse show,

in church buildings and elsewhere. 

You decide the location as God can go anywhere.



Become Self-Aware,
Commit to Personal Growth,
Build an Unbreakable Bond,
Deepen Your Connection,
Improve Your Communication,
Learn Conflict Resolution,
Prepare for the Future,
Cultivate a Love
That Lasts a Lifetime.


Paul understands the complexities, intricacies and challenges of married life. He has written books on several topics related to dating, love, life, marriage, parenting, adultery, divorce, divorce recovery, inner healing, restoration, renewal and transformation.