Wedding Ceremony Planning, 7 Sensational Secrets

Weddings are stressful enough to prepare for. Don’t burden yourself with planning the ceremony. Hire a wedding minister with a personal touch to design a special ceremony for you.

Brides agonize endlessly over planning for weddings. They attend to every detail to make everything perfect, but often forget the most important detail of all. That is who is going to officiate their ceremony?

We have all been to boring, mundane, and typical weddings with orators lacking originality that lulled us to sleep. What good therefore is all of the delightful decorations, gorgeous attire, fun music, and fine food if you have failed to secure a skilled orator to officiate the ceremony?

The wedding minister bears and brings spirit to the ceremony, without which all you have is tradition and formality. An ideal wedding minister will breathe life into your ceremony and inspire everyone. Marriages are often revived at weddings as the minister speaks to hearts. It is wise therefore that you have a married minister officiate your wedding, as he will be more acquainted with the intricacies of matrimony.

The best way to design a special ceremony is to first sit and spend some time with your minister. Become acquainted with your minister and allow them to get to know you. A great minister will be able to feel your heart, convey your thoughts, and elegantly publicly display the couples love for each other before all.

Here are 5 things to look for in a wedding minister to design your ceremony.

  1. Relational A wedding minister should first of all be relational. After all ministry is essentially the people business. He should be able to connect and communicate well with people.
  2. Culturally sensitive
    Weddings often bring together people of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and socio-economic levels. It is paramount that your wedding minister be able to cater to your needs and know what not to say. Hire a minister who can avoid offense, pretense, and not be presumptuous.
  3. Spiritual
    Today many people have no spiritual background, ministerial license, or professional training in ministry. Ask the right questions to ensure you hire a professional who is not merely a money-maker. Certainly ever minister is entitled to be compensated and given an honorarium. Nevertheless ministry is about serving people, not merely a business. Many people, including notaries, think if they can be traditional and official they can perform weddings. Performing is precisely what they are doing, but it is quite obvious as the spirit is absent from the ceremony. If there is no spirit in the ceremony, all you have is structure with no substance.
  4. Flexibility
    Flexibility is something foreign to many ministers unfortunately. Rigid and frigid is not what you are looking for in a wedding minister. To design a special ceremony according to your personal preferences, it will take flexibility on the minister’s part. This is not to say you should gut the divine essentials and foundational marital exhortations. Yet you should have some say in the ceremony and your officiant should show some degree of flexibility.
  5. Fun and heartfelt
    You want a person who is fun and heartfelt to preside over your ceremony. Don’t have a stoic, stick in the mud officiate your wedding and paralyze everyone with excessive traditional adherence. Find a heartfelt minister who exudes compassion, empathy, and sincerity. Laughter is a lovely emotion that should be given place in your ceremony when appropriate.
  6. Punctual and timely
    Punctuality is the virtue of princes. Find a wedding minister who you can depend upon. The last thing you want to endure after all of your wedding preparations is a late minister. Timeliness is also crucial when it comes to the venue which you have rented for your wedding. Your minister must be willing to work within the amount of time allotted for your ceremony and reception.
  7. Creative
    Creativity and ingenuity will make the ceremony more personal and memorable. A skilled orator officiating your wedding will be able to work with your ideas and have some of his own. Variety is the spice of life. Be free to express your personality. Have fun and be creative. The wonders of matrimony are many. Your wedding ceremony is a celebration commencing the coming together of two to be one. Therefore have your ceremony properly done.

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