Premarital Relational Coaching

Premarital relational coaching is a wonderful way to prepare for marriage and save money. The state of Florida reduces the cost of a marriage license by approximately $50, when an engaged couple completes a four hour premarital enrichment course before tying the knot.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Far more than a cliche, preparation is key to ensuring ongoing success in any field. Sadly people rarely adequately prepare for marriage. Many people spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a University degree and embark upon a lucrative career. Unfortunately however they often ignorantly and prematurely marry a person, whom when they divorce want to take half of their hard earned assets.

Ironically people will spend thousands of dollars on planning and preparing a wedding ceremony, which lasts only a few hours. Yet they won’t spend and invest in their marriage, which is intended to last a lifetime.


What does that tell you about our people and culture?

  1. We are more concerned with the outward vain show, than building a solid foundation.Pathetically, most people are more concerned with how they look on their wedding day than how they live within the context of marriage day by day. 
  2. We are shortsighted and ignorant when it comes to marriage.
    This explains for the 50% divorce rate and the breakup of the traditional family. Statistics don’t lie. The numbers always speak for themselves. 
  3. We don’t know how to invest in ourselves.

Premarital preparation is an investment in yourself. A marriage ceremony is mostly an expense incurred to please everybody else.

Let’s face it and be honest. A wedding ceremony is often about family, relatives, and friends who we feel indebted to and desire to impress. Guys rarely care about rings and things. It’s usually the bride who is consumed with showing off her diamond ring and comparing against her female friends.

Conforming to society and endeavoring to be like everybody else is a sure road to perpetual failure and a lifetime of frustration. Be bold and break the mold. Invest in yourself and your marriage. Take a premarital course and lay a strong foundation before saying “I do.”

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