Poem: Congratulations On Your Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement
Love’s sweet and prized commitment
For long-term and a lifetime of fulfillment
It’s a glorious and desirable predicament
To find someone to love you forever
To love unconditionally and not say never
Endure life’s many challenges together
Happily make a home and a fun family
Engagements are the route to eternity
Eternal and sacred love from above
Marriage is a marvelous institution
Your engagement an urge to merge
A magnificent time in a lady’s life
As you emotionally soar high like a kite
Everything seems to be going right
Your life becomes clearer, more focused
You can move past the dating locusts
Having found true love that lasts
Move forward happily, forget the past
Let the fire of desire and passion
Propel you forward into your future
Together your love shall surely cure
All the pain, loneliness, and restlessness
Take comfort in one another. Be blessed
As you prepare for marvelous matrimony
Another page in your life’s history
A time to celebrate wholeheartedly
Tell all our friends and family
Spread the news excitedly
Let us rejoice and make merry
As you near embarking on matrimony
Stay sane, settled, and stable
You surely will be most able
To prepare and get ready
For all that is now ahead
Countless preparations
Spinning through your head
Know that I am here for you
To help you in all you do
Whatever you need of me
Don’t ever hesitate to ask
No matter the size of task
For you shall always be
A precious friend to me.

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