Poem: Celebrity Weddings

Celebrity weddings
Come at quite a cost
Yet it’s love without which we’re lost
Love is precious and priceless
For the faint in heart precarious
True love is enduring and timeless
Love brings out of us our best
Whether you are rich or a pauper
Love cherishes and doesn’t drop her
Love seeks to give and not take
Lust selfishly many hearts does break
Love is sincere without guile, nor fake
Love delicately nourishes and protects
Love feels, forgives, and kindly forgets
Love is attentive and never neglects
Love keenly discerns and detects
When something is bothering you
When you need an encouraging word to
Uplift, impart hope, and resurrect you
Love overcomes when it feels overwhelmed
Love leads, but also shares the helm
Love is a concerted, cooperative effort
It’s not always a deluxe five-star resort
It’s not pretentious, nor does it purport
Requiring teamwork and patience
Self-control and long-suffering resilience
Love is the essence of relational brilliance
The foundation of trust, which rids hesitance
It arises bravely when needed any instance
Love perseveres with a fierce persistence
It doesn’t quit when it hits resistance
It is transparent and not defiant
Love is strong, though not self-sufficient
Love realizes what the heart needs
The intangible blessings beyond greeds
Marvelous beyond materialism
Though money makes life easier
To feed, clothe, and house her
To also provide her wants and dreams
Though not all things are as they seem
Some celebrity weddings go sour
As they suddenly turn on and devour
One another, en route to divorce court.
A wedding is far more than a ritz sport
Love is to be a secure citadel and fort
Wherein we can take shelter and comfort
Thus I wish all newlyweds a lifetime of love
An unbreakable bond with all they dream of
Plus unconditional love from God above.

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