Orlando Weddings: Elegant, Contemporary, and Unconventional

Living in Orlando, where there is year round fabulous weather, gives brides many wedding options. Outdoor weddings are very popular with the backdrop of lovely scenery, water, flowers, and wildlife. Central Florida, being the home to many world class attractions, also provides brides with countless options to be unconventional and contemporize their ceremony. Many choose to get married at a favorite theme park, attraction hotel, or exclusive resort.

Unconventional weddings are fun and always a big hit with family and friends. Frankly people are getting bored with traditional weddings, which never deviate or do anything different from the norm. Elegance is always adored and strived for no matter what the venue and accouterments. Yet you don’t have to be put in a box to remain elegant.

Contemporary weddings are on the rise in which the bride and groom create their own ceremony tailored to their personal tastes. After all, they are usually paying for it, so why not? It makes sense for the bride and groom to incorporate songs, items, and parts to the ceremony that embody who they are.

In a day and age when many don’t attend church and Pastors won’t leave their precious church building, many opt to hire a wedding officiant. Since the wedding minister is being paid to officiate, let them work the ceremony around you. If they cannot be flexible, find somebody else. The last thing you want is a rigid and frigid minister chilling over your wedding ceremony. Find a wedding minister who is kind, caring, permits creativity, and will personalize your ceremony.

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