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Weddings are a family affair that you want to give an extra bit of special tender love and care to. That being said, when you select a wedding minister to officiate the ceremony, you want someone who is sensitive to people.

Nowadays people who have no ministerial training are officiating weddings. A notary may have a degree of legality, but certainly no spirituality or platform presence. As a worldwide professional speaker who has for over 15 years been speaking across the globe, I have heard and seen a lot. I can’t tell you often I hear sad stories of special days gone awry when an unprofessional person officiated a ceremony.

Considering the thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands, spent for the perfect dream wedding; you would think the family would be diligent to hire a wedding minister to bring it all together and officiate their daughter’s marriage. To my surprise this is often where people pinch pennies the most and reap a lifetime full of disappointment.

You can’t repeat a wedding ceremony. It is very hurtful to watch your wedding on video and see in performed improperly and without heart. A rigid and frigid ceremony isn’t what you want when your daughter gets married.

Nevertheless when families don’t attend church and have no access to a minister, it can be tough to figure out how to secure an officiant you can trust. Sadly Pastors often seem bound to their buildings and rarely stray away to officiate a ceremony outdoors or in a more elaborate setting.

As a native Floridian, I truly love my state and know some amazing places I myself enjoy visiting. It’s a pity more Pastors don’t perform their own congregation member’s ceremonies outdoors in some of these exciting venues. I guess when time is limited and needs countless, there is only so much a Pastor can do.

As for me however I prefer to be extraordinary rather than ordinary. The moments that we most remember and reminisce about throughout our lives are those where we personally indulged and did something different.

Live your dreams and beware of the enemy called average.

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