Miraculous Wedding

Resurrect hope in hearts, love between family members, and heal hurts. Revival and reconciliation can occur at your wedding and impact multitudes.

What is a miraculous wedding? It is a wedding ceremony performed with a dimension of the miraculous. Spirituality and supernatural power is something people deeply yearn for and have the most difficulty finding.

Traditional ceremonies put most of us to sleep and don’t impact us in the least. It can be a daunting task to find a minister who speaks with passion and flows in the supernatural to officiate your wedding. If you can however locate such a person, your ceremony can be both elegant and extraordinary.

Assuming you can find a minister who moves in the miraculous and opens the door of heaven through which the Holy Spirit flows, you can incorporate a number of things into your ceremony.

Depending upon your preference, you can request what you do and don’t want from your wedding minister. Whatever your greatest desire and want is as a bride, tell your wedding officiant to incorporate that into the ceremony.

Here are some extra things you can do to breathe miraculous life into your ceremony.

  1. Ask your wedding minister to pray a special prayer from his heart over the bride and groom.A minister with depth will be able to depart from the ceremonial outline and structure for a few minutes to spontaneously pray over you. Such a prayer will bless and invite God’s sovereign intervention and protection into your marriage. 
  2. Ask your wedding minister to prophesy over you whatever comes to his heart.A prophetic declaration and decree is a powerful utterance that communicates the heart of God for you. It affirms your identity and pulls you into your divine destiny. Years later you will be able to wage a war against circumstantial pressure throughout your marriage with the encouraging and sustaining word of the Lord for your lives. 
  3. Ask your wedding minister to pray for the people in and/or attending the ceremony.Overseas I have often been asked to pray for singles who are believing for a spouse. Other married couples often need revival in their marriages. You could also ask your minister to pray for all married couples. Some even want those couples who are greatly struggling to come forward so the minister can lay hands on them and prophetically pray over them.This all can be done in 5 minutes or less and amazingly can save, resurrect, and sustain marriages. Imparting hope into the hearts of those at your ceremony will make it most memorable and a pivotal point in a person’s life. How awesome it is to have a defining moment with the Creator at a wedding celebration. 
  4. Ask your wedding minister to stick around after the ceremony and pray for those sick in body.
    Instead of letting your minister leave when everybody is finally gathered together, ask him to stay around after the ceremony and pray for others needs. Many are healed through prayer and liberated from emotional wounds.These are just four simple ways you can open the windows of heaven over your marriage and invite the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit to glorify the risen Christ. The power of the resurrection is available to whosoever believes and is willing to welcome God to have His way.

Paying for a wedding is a substantial investment requiring quite a deposit of time and money. Therefore why not leave with a divine deposit that strengthens your marriage to last a lifetime.

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