Japanese Weddings in America Save Money

I recently officiated a wedding for a Japanese bride and an American groom here in Central Florida. Orlando has always been an international destination with Walt Disney World and countless other attractions. Not to mention the beaches throughout Florida are fantastic.

The Japanese bride’s father is an American and her mother Japanese. Her parents live in Japan. They were a very charming and happy couple. I sensed a very special bond between the bride’s parents. Of course the bride’s father was fluent in Japanese as he lived and worked there.

To my surprise the bride’s father informed me about the massive expense Japanese young couples incur when they endeavor to get married. Apparently Japanese custom requires those getting married to give a gift to everyone attending their wedding. This is a very unusual concept by Western standards.

When I learned of the excessive expense and cultural pressure placed upon Japanese couples when they marry, I immediately thought to officiate Japanese wedding ceremonies. The most recent wedding I did between the Japanese bride and American groom was phenomenal. We used a Japanese translator, who did a lovely job. I emailed the translator the full ceremony and outline weeks beforehand so he could adequately prepare. The ceremony went beautifully and everybody was greatly blessed.

Bringing different cultures together can be very refreshing and invigorating. America truly is the melting pot of the world and is most welcoming to people from everywhere. This is why we have so many outstanding international culinary dishes available to feast upon. Every people and culture have something to offer.

My world travels have taken me to over 50 countries and 6 continents. I love to travel and interact with new people and cultures. It stretches me, teaches me new things, and causes me to grow.

As all newlyweds know, getting married is not cheap. Marriage is big business. Couples therefore should be wise with the allocation of their resources early on and minimize their expenses when getting married. Learn from Japanese couples, who come to America to tie the knot when they are ready to get married.

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