Fast and Simple Weddings in Florida

Weddings don’t have to be difficult, long, and arduous. Thankfully these days you can find someone to officiate your wedding for a reasonable fee and accommodate your personal preferences when you tie the knot.
Florida is an ideal place for a fast and simple wedding. The location options are many. Attractions, beaches, resorts, and churches are plenteous.
If you want a fast and simple wedding, here are some things to remember.

  1. Secure a wedding minister who is aware of your timetable. Sadly many Pastors are so busy they can’t attend to their congregation members needs. I had to wait nine months before being baptized at a church I attended. Because the church only did baptisms quarterly, I was placed on a waiting list. Such a scenario doesn’t work well when you want a fast and simple wedding.There are however ministers who can accommodate your needs, timeline, and budget. Just look around and do your homework. 
  2. Be sure to get someone acquainted with marriage licenses and the local courthouse requirements.Officiating a wedding and being knowledgeable about obtaining a marriage license are two different things. Ministerial intricacies do not equal nor satisfy legalities. Find someone knowledgeable and versed spiritually and legally.I attended law school for a year, but am by no means a legal genius. Thankfully most states and their respective counties have administrative offices which help ministers and couples through the process of obtaining a marriage license. If you can find a minister who is knowledgeable on the legal side, this will reduce the amount of work you have to do. 
  3. Look for someone with a personal touch who is heartfelt and sincere. Sincerity cannot be faked, but it can certainly be felt. A wedding minister should come with a personal and heartfelt touch. Be sure to find someone who is genuinely interested in you the couple, committed to your marriage, and is willing to personalize your ceremony. 
  4. Seek an officiant who is professional and legal to perform ceremonies. Many officiants these days are nothing more than a notary public. They have no ministerial, nor matrimonial training. The ideal wedding minister has spiritual and relational skills. Many states provide discounted fees for obtaining a marriage license if the couple takes a premarital course to prepare them for marriage. Get an officiant who can provide relational coaching and take you through a premarital course. Even if you don’t get the coaching and refuse to take the course, the minister who is capable of doing both will be far more reputable and established. 
  5. Choose a person able to articulate and communicate well. Wedding ministers must be master orators, able to articulate and communicate. They should project and have a presence that connects and captivates the hearers. A person who speaks well is one who is in touch with themselves, their thoughts, and purposes. The words which are ministered to you at your wedding should impart and be impacting so as to lay a solid marital foundation.

Weddings done fast and simple should still be done in an honorable and professional manner. Your time frame and budget should never discount the sacred vows of matrimony, nor should it diminish the importance of selecting the ideal wedding minister to officiate your special ceremony.

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