Central Florida Wedding Minister, Handling People with Care

As a wedding minister, handling people with care comes from the heart. It requires great patience, kindness, and tenderness. We all have our own unique peculiarities, preferences, and idiosyncrasies. Honoring and serving humanity requires that we love them unconditionally. That means we give them the utmost freedom and liberty, to be themselves while celebrating them wholeheartedly. As a minister who has been privileged to travel to over 50 countries and 6 continents, I have been most fortunate to learn a lot about people. All of us have similarities and a particular uniqueness. We all deeply yearn for love, recognition, and respect. We all have basic needs common to daily sustenance.

As for our individual uniqueness, they are many. People not only look very different, but also act differently according to their culture and custom. Parental upbringing and the way one interacts with his or her family also very much dictate their interpersonal communication style. The forming of one’s disposition and personality develops over time according to the many variables that directly and indirectly effect one’s inner makeup.

As a person learns to love themselves, they in turn can readily and easily love others. If however for whatever reason a person is insecure in their own identity, such internal incongruency can effect their ability to relate and connect well with others.

All of these personal and relational intricacies are immediately visible when I as a wedding minister interact with a couple. Nevertheless knowing that we all individually are at a different level of development on our personal journey, I afford everyone the utmost unconditional love, honor, and respect. Marriage is a marvelous mechanism for becoming increasingly self-aware and growing as a person.

My own family, marriage, and interpersonal relationships have taught me that everyone needs to be handled with care and a tender loving touch. We all experience life’s highs and lows, during which we need people to celebrate and grieve with us. By being sensitive, sympathetic, and endeavoring to serve we can uplift people and make the world a better place.

As a wedding minister, handling people with care is a delicate task. Though it can be at times challenging, it is always very rewarding and fulfilling.

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