Central Florida Dream Weddings, 5 Fab Features

Central Florida is a fantastic place to get married. It’s no surprise why people from around the world come to Central Florida to enjoy our world-class attractions and beaches. It truly is a children’s paradise, not to mention it’s a honeymooner’s dream.

Brides adore Central Florida and find it the perfect place for their dream wedding. Here are 5 reasons why brides choose Central Florida for the location of their dream wedding:

  1. Location, location, location Oops! Did I say that three times? Well, it is only the first reason, but the primary one at that. Central Florida’s Orlando international airport is easy to get in and out of. Kids can even navigate through it due to its ease, signage, and accessibility.Brides love Central Florida because after their wedding, they can immediately begin their honeymoon. There is something to be said about being married and honeymooning in the same place. After countless months of planning and preparing for a wedding, the last thing a bride wants to do is endure a long plane flight to her honeymoon destination. 
  2. Countless options for a theme wedding. As our lifestyles become more modern and contemporary, so do our weddings. Many people are getting bored with the same old, traditional style wedding. Central Florida provides many lovely venues, theme parks, and resorts at attractions to choose from. Whether you want a culturally sensitive wedding, elegant serene ceremony, or unconventional ceremony with a touch of adventure – Central Florida has it all. 
  3. Outstanding weather all year. Central Florida has terrific weather all year that can accommodate any bride’s dream wedding. Forget and leave the snow behind. You can get married in Florida any time. Timing is crucial for many who work and must manage their vacation time. A weekend wedding in Florida can be done at any time and not be a burden. 
  4. Reasonably priced and affordable. Thankfully, Central Florida is a very well priced place compared to the rest of the country. A bride working within a budget, can do a dream wedding for a reasonable amount of money and still have a lot left over to enjoy her honeymoon. 
  5. Flexible wedding ministers to officiate your ceremony. Unlike many traditional ministers who are bound to their respective denominations, Central Florida is a place where ministers break the mold and accommodate brides. A dream wedding must be one that is personalized the whole way through, that includes the ceremony and how it is officiated. Beyond a personal touch and being official, the ideal wedding minister will work creatively with the bride and groom to incorporate their personality throughout the ceremony. This can be done through the ceremony format and structure, what text will be read, and the length of the ceremony. Consider those 5 fabulous features for a Central Florida wedding, when you are ready to tie the knot. As a wedding minister who has traveled to over 50 countries and 6 continents, I can sincerely say Central Florida is the ideal place for a dream wedding.

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