Amazing Weddings Creative Consultant

Amazing weddings aren’t easy to come by. If they were people would not fall asleep in weddings. Sadly most ceremonies are typical, traditional, and predictable.

Breaking the mold is a very difficult thing to do when there are so few wedding ministers to begin with who are not owned by their respective denomination. Beyond that are the traditional tendencies and loyalties of ministers to rigidly adhere to their sects formal code. Who than shall one break the mold? It takes a renegade and maverick with an adventurous nature and creative spirit to pioneer a new frontier.

Though some will be a renegade for the sake of getting paid, most of these are merely notaries and not ministerially trained. This means they are not skilled orators and have difficulty connecting with your audience. If you just want a legal ceremony, which is rigid and frigid, go to the county courthouse. That is too sterile and frigid for most.

Many choose the quick and fast option, which is never amazing in the least. There is nothing new about Las Vegas. No woman was ever swept off of her feet and romanced by a Vegas drive thru wedding. It simply lacks elegance and romance. Certainly it is fast and furious, but afterward many brides live with a lifetime of regret wishing they hadn’t.

This is why beyond a wedding coordinator, a bride needs a creative consultant. If you can find one who is also a wedding minister you’ve hit the jackpot. That is a rare find indeed since most ministers lack creativity. Unfortunately seminaries don’t teach creativity. You either have it or you don’t.

My world travels have enabled me to experience over 50 countries and cultures. This has enlarged my horizon and perspective when it comes to anything and everything. Generating and coming up with new ideas is fun, refreshing, and original.

You were born an original. Don’t die a copy. Do something unique when you get married and cherish your ceremony for a lifetime.

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