A Memorable Wedding Ceremony

Tie the knot properly and make a memorable wedding. As you embark upon a love that lasts a lifetime, do it right. This is the biggest day of your life and not to be taken lightly.

You want to lay a strong foundation in your marriage. The bride has been imagining this day all of her life and will also be remembering for the rest of her life. Therefore grooms should do themselves a favor and make the necessary investment to ensure a lifetime of happiness. Though it may seem to men a bit ridiculous and futile at times to get all worried about an event that will last a few hours, it is very important to the bride to have her day as a princess.

It never ceases to amaze me how couples will spend up to $1,000 on flowers for a wedding and not give much thought about the wedding minister who presides over the entire ceremony. It is a known fact that most church services and wedding ceremonies are terribly boring and unoriginal. It is a tragedy considering the sizeable investment.

I guess it doesn’t occur to most couples that they don’t have to be married in a church or use a stale, stoic priest to preside over their ceremony. Excessive tradition makes a wedding rigid and frigid. A wedding is to be a time for celebration and inspiration.

Hire a minister who is a skilled orator who can connect with and speak to hearts. Anybody can direct traffic from the platform, but only a minister inspired by God can speak elegantly, graciously, and wisely.

The more personal, the more powerful. Choose someone to officiate your wedding who is personal, creative, and fun.

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